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Training & Project Control Support

  •  Critical Path Method Scheduling & Schedule Delay

Comprehensive CPM Scheduling training including: understanding Contract provisions, building a baseline schedule that is meaningful and useful for the project, understanding the critical path, updating and revising the schedule, evaluating and addressing problem areas, cost and resource loading, examining scheduling traps and what to look for. When schedule delay occurs, how do you demonstrate the effects a delay had on the schedule? We will show you by addressing typical Contract schedule provisions, forecasted Time Impact Analysis vs. historical Time Impact Analysis, schedule delay methodologies and the critical path “Window” approach.
  •  Essential Document Controls critical to avoiding, mitigating and resolving claims

Claim avoidance begins prior to your project even beginning. Adequate (but not cumbersome) document controls are essential in evaluating changes, understanding project delays and minimizing claims. We can train and assist you in preparing, implementing and maintaining document processes that will minimize costs associated with evaluating project changes and claims; placing you in a better prepared position and reducing future claim evaluation costs.
  •  Project Control Support

We offer project control services during the course of your project including: assisting with Contract scheduling specifications tailored to your project, comprehensive scheduling and cost control, project change evaluation, and oversight services. Summit Program Management can supplement and provide process training to your existing team in performing these functions and can also provide compliance monitoring services, making certain Contract requirements are being fulfilled. We can assist you with monitoring and assessing project progress, correlating progress with the project schedule and establishing accurate payment applications. Either acting as a staff extension with your team or assisting you with specific tasks and training, Summit Program Management has the expertise to support your claim resolution and project control needs.

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