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Claims Management


AVOIDING claims begins at the outset of your project with proper planning and institution of reliable project controls. Summit Program Management, LLC has the expertise to assist you in organizing your resources and establishing meaningful project controls including comprehensive scheduling services, reducing the potential for claims and possibly avoiding them altogether.

EFFECTIVELY MITIGATING claims during the project demands established and meaningful project planning and controls which will facilitate successful claim mitigation. All parties will benefit from accurate schedule and cost updating/reporting, informed and productive change negotiations and a solid claim management foundation. We can provide sustained support throughout your project, managing schedules, assisting you in evaluating project delays and effectively analyzing, preparing and communicating your position.

CLAIM EVALUATION & RESOLUTION steps are often necessary when complicated and cumbersome disputes are unresolved and have been left for projects end. We have the expertise to perform systematic delay claim analysis, assisting in discovery, identifying delay/disruption, determining entitlement and providing assistance in reviewing damages.

Summit Program Management, LLC offers Claims Avoidance, Mitigation and Resolution services including:

  • Comprehensive Schedule Delay Analysis
  • Loss of Productivity and Disruption Evaluation
  • Specific Issue Analysis
  • Liquidated Damages Assessment
  • Discovery Assistance
  • Change Management & Time Impact Analysis
  • Comprehensive Scheduling & Cost Control Services
  • Progress Monitoring Services

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